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Peru: Thousands March For Justice, Equality, Women’s Rights


At least 20 social organizations united on Saturday in marches across Lima, the capital, to demand gender equality and an end to femicide. Thousands of women have amassed in the streets of Lima, the Peruvian capital, in a collective call for justice, equal rights and an end to corruption and gender violence across the nation.

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Organized by the Assembly of Women and Diversities and the NGO Ni Una Menos (Not One More), at least 20 rights groups marched on Saturday to demand the dismissal of Judge Cesar Hinostroza after recordings revealed he’d engaged in backroom negotiations during a rape case involving a minor.

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"For two years, we went out to scream in pain because we could not stand it any more: they are killing us, raping and raping, nobody does anything," said Ana María Vidal, assistant secretary of the National Coordinator of Human Rights.

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"Now, we have the evidence; we know that the justice system let everything happen as if nothing mattered."

Vidal said the judicial system will have no choice but to address the scandal, which involves multiple members of the National Council of Magistrates (CNM) and Judicial Power.

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Por las que nos faltan. #11A #MujeresXJusticia

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"For those we have lost," writes one Twitter user.   Demonstrators are also demanding the resignation of State Prosecutor Gonzalo Chavarry, due to his intimate relationship with Hinostroza and the former National Prosecutor of the State Blanca Nelida Colan

Additional requests include an end to physical and sexual violence, femicide and other gender-related crimes. Ni Una Menos activist Arlette Contreras told RT the state is failing to do enough to prevent femicides

Protesters are also pushing for gender rights to be incorporated by the Justice Reform Commission and included in the training of judicial authorities, Assembly of Women and Diversity spokesperson Rosario Grados said