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Expect Hits From Tightened Measures – Says Holness

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says some segments of  the economy will take another hit from the tightened curfew measures which take effect today. The Prime Minister addressed the possible economic impact during yesterday’s media briefing.

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“Everytime we put in place measures to control gatherings and movement, there are certain sectors of the economy that are affected more than others. For example to events and entertainment sector. At some point in time the government cannot always continue to take these measures that are like a hammer, each time we have to restrict movement and gatherings.” He also said a number of  sectors continue to see growth despite the shifting measures.  These include the construction and business process outsourcing industries.                                                                                

Meanwhile, the President of  the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association, John Mahfood, says the government made the right decision to adjust the curfew hours.  He spoke with the Financial Report shortly after the Prime Minister‘s announcement.

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“I think that the Prime Minister did the right thing in changing back the hours to where they were before and looking at the activities including parties and people returning. He also realized that the number of infected people was increasing at a rapid rate. He took the right action and did not wait until August 10 but took it now in anticipation of the problem,” he said. 



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