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Food handlers ready to reopen, some taking orders only


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Food ven­dors are all set to re­open to­day but with lit­tle re­sources caused by an ex­tend­ed lock­down, some small en­tre­pre­neurs will be op­er­at­ing based on or­ders on­ly.

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At Di­a­mond Vil­lage, San Fer­nan­do, the own­er of Tillock Burg­ers and Gy­ros, Patrick Bridge­lals­ingh, said he was hap­py to be re­open­ing.

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“It was very hard for us these past few months. We are so hap­py now. Many peo­ple were stressed out. I did not have an in­come for many months. It was hard but we had to make ends meet,” Bridge­lals­ingh said.

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Bridge­lals­ingh said his two chil­dren were grown but were un­em­ployed be­cause of the pan­dem­ic.

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“I now get a lit­tle work, since last year when they closed down, I got laid off from con­struc­tion work. This year, I was home. I have a fam­i­ly and now that we are open­ing, we can­not af­ford to waste mon­ey,” he ex­plained

He said his two chil­dren helped in the burg­er busi­ness

“We have de­cid­ed that we will open and sell on­ly what is or­dered. We do not know how it will go. Our cus­tomers are call­ing. To come out with mon­ey that you don’t have is very hard. The price of chick­en has gone up. Lamb, every­thing has gone up. When you face the gro­cery, it’s an ex­tra hun­dred dol­lars you have to spend every week,” Bridge­lals­ingh said

He said peo­ple will park across the road and col­lect their or­ders so there will be no crowds

Mean­while, at Cross Cross­ing, San Fer­nan­do, work­ers of the San Fer­nan­do City Cor­po­ra­tion were do­ing their usu­al clean-up op­er­a­tions. 

Work­er Phillip Re­my said, “We are clean­ing up for the ven­dors to­mor­row. We are the clean­ers for here. We will be main­tain­ing the clean­ness and pick­ing up the rub­bish so here will be clean for to­mor­row’s (to­day’s) open­ing.”

Along the dou­bles strip in Debe, all of the sheds were closed. Most of the ven­dors had al­ready pre­pared for the re­open­ing since Sat­ur­day. How­ev­er, at Pe­nal Rock Road, a dou­bles ven­dor who came to sell near Mon Di­a­blo was or­dered shut by the po­lice. Cus­tomers who were wait­ing in line for dou­bles were told to leave

Two weeks ago, Prime Min­is­ter Dr Kei­th Row­ley an­nounced that all restau­rants and food es­tab­lish­ments will be al­lowed to pro­vide dri­ve-through, curb­side and take­away ser­vices

He said itin­er­ant and non-itin­er­ant food ser­vices will al­so be al­lowed but there will be no con­sump­tion of food on site

Fol­low­ing this, San Fer­nan­do May­or Ju­nia Re­grel­lo said he will not al­low food vend­ing at Cross Cross­ing, San Fer­nan­do, as this area was dif­fi­cult to man­age as it re­lates to COVID-19 pro­to­cols

How­ev­er, last Fri­day, Re­grel­lo had a change of heart af­ter meet­ing with ven­dors. He agreed to put ad­di­tion­al COVID-19 mea­sures in place to en­sure pub­lic safe­ty.