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Demerara Bakery keen on youth and community development

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Demerara Bakery keen on youth and community development

Managers of Demerara Bakery Operations and Accounting Manager, George De Freitas, Admin Manager, Dave Laltoo and Sales Manager Dr. Omesh Balmacoon THE re-branded Demerara Bakery formerly called Doolie’s Bakery which is headquartered at Land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara, provides employment for residents within that community and its environs.

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They have 85 full-time employees and 13 part-time, who are drawn from the village which includes, single mothers and school-drop-outs. According to the Administrative/Human Resource and Marketing Manager, Dave Laltoo, Demerara Bakery is keen on its interest in community-based development of its employees.

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He added that they cater in their employ for youths from within the village as well as single mothers. In fact, he said that their packing department operates from 16:00hrs to 20:00hrs in which about 20 to 25 single mothers are employed.

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Laltoo stated as for school drop-outs they have a programme specially designed for them and most of the youths that work at Demerara bakery are from Land of Canaan.

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He pointed out that the programme is aimed at enhancing the capabilities of the youths in their employ since they will soon be International Standards Organisation (ISO) 22000 certified.

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Laltoo told the Pepperpot Magazine that the company is also serious about its corporate social responsibility to this country as such, they are the key sponsor for Miss Earth Guyana, a brand they have been supporting for a safe, green environment

Demerara Bakery recently launched its bio-degradable plastic bags in promotion of marinating a clean and green environment

Laltoo related that they also have a bereavement camp for children whose parents passed away as a result of cancer and they also provide free screening for cancer during their Health Day activities

The Demerara Bakery Manager told the Pepperpot Magazine that the bakery is geared towards becoming Guyana’s premier bakery since their products are unique and 100 percent natural with no additives and 100 percent vegetarian

Laltoo stated that all ingredients are locally sourced because they support local and their products which includes, tennis rolls, bread and pastries are on the shelves of shops and supermarkets in almost all the regions

Meanwhile, Demerara Bakery Sales Manager, Dr. Omesh Balmacoon, said although their products haven’t reached some places just yet they will be tapping into those markets soon

He related that their products are prepared fresh daily and this was verified when the company took the Pepperpot Magazine on a tour of the facility last Tuesday

Balmacoon added that their products include a whole wheat line of bread, tennis rolls and pastries which can be consumed by diabetics and others with health concerns

The Operations and Accounting Manager, George De Freitas said Demerara Bakery is aiming to uphold the highest standards and they have policies in place to do so and these policies are often reviewed

“I am tasked with the general day to day operations of the production area and I deal directly with employees even though they have Line Supervisors in place to overcome any challenges that may arise from time to time,” he said

De Freitas stated that they are a bakery with a difference because they produce wholesome products which are healthy for the body and they adjust their products based on customer feedback

He noted that they are also worker-friendly where they allow employees to take home their products and give feedback as well, in an effort to produce the best products

How it all began Demerara Bakery was established in 2014 – on May 26 to be exact- the same day Guyana celebrated its Independence

It was initially called ‘Doolie’s Bakery’ before being renamed in January 2018

The idea of opening a bakery in Guyana was conceptualised when Peter Abai visited the uncle of his wife, Sharmella in 2011 in the United States of America

There, the relative of his wife used to repair baking equipment for a living but due to illness he was unable to continue, and as such, had to scrap his machines and close the workshop but before that happened he invited Abai to tour the warehouse

Back then, Abai was in the mining business and when he saw the machines and thought it would be destroyed he decided to ship it to Guyana and open a bakery

Within months, Doolie’s Bakery was operational at Land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara and today the business provides employment for many persons in the village