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Colombia: FARC’s Santrich Denied 2nd Habeas Corpus


Santrich has denied the charges against him, and FARC members have criticized his detention, saying that it threatens the peace accords. The Colombian General Prosecutor’s Office announced Saturday that the Supreme Court of Bogota rejected a habeas corpus petition filed by Jesus Santrich ‘s representatives, for the second time. The move will extend Santrich‘s detention, which started on April 9 due to an extradition request from the United States’ Department of Justice.

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According to a statement, which was posted on the General Prosecutor’s Twitter account, the Court agreed with the decision to detain him until he is extradited , explaining that "for these purposes, the parliamentary immunity, which he does not have, would make no difference due to lack of swearing-in."

In April, Carla Ines Marques, a judge from the Supreme Court, denied the first habeas corpus requested by Santrich

Santrich was detained on April 9 after the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration accused him of agreeing to export 10 tons of cocaine to the U.S. after the peace agreement was signed in November 2016. Santrich has denied the charges and FARC members have criticized his detention, warning it threatens the peace accords.

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The National Council of the FARC and several other social movements have demanded the release of Santrich, who was never sworn in as a congressman due to his detention. Santrich is one of ten congressmen elected from Common Alternative Revolutionary Force political party, which was established in accordance with the peace agreements negotiated in Havana and signed by both the Colombian Government and the revolutionary movement.

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